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About Us


About us at Bug Pro LLC

Here at Bug Pro LLC we have been serving the Central Arkansas area for over 20 years. We are proud members of New Horizon Baptist Church in ward for over 20 years. We also are volunteer fire fightesr for Tri-Community fire department for over 20 years as well.   We are your small home town termite and pest control company you can trust and rely on in your house. We have great exterminators ready to go. Give us the opportunity to come in so we can keep all your unwanted bugs and pests out. 


Termite and Pest Control

Pest Control in Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe, Sherwood, Arkansas

Whether it flies, stings or just hangs around, Bug Pro is armed with the tools to get rid of pests at home and in the office around our 75-mile coverage area in Cabot, Arkansas.

We offer customized services on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually basis. We cover outside pest treatment. We handle removal of black widows and brown recluses. With a team of experienced technicians and over 20 years on the job, Bug Pro is here to get the best of your pests. As always, we provide free estimates so there is no reason to wait!

Among the pests we exterminate are:

•Ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants

•Bed bugs control treatment

•Cockroaches control treatment

•Palmetto bugs (Wood Roach or Water Roach)

•Fleas control treatment

•Scorpions control treatment

•Spiders control treatment

•Stinging insects – African bees, bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, termites, ticks and web worm

 Silverfish control treatment

We are available to cover everything from animal proofing, to insecticide spraying, lawn spraying, pest damage repairs, pest protection, pet and kid friendly products, a rodent control program and more. Rely on our more than 20 years of experience to add your name to the list of satisfied customers in Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe, Sherwood, Arkansas.

What’s more, Bug Pro has specialized services you won’t find elsewhere.

The list includes:

•EPA-approved methods and chemical applications

•Service agreements and contracts

•Soil treatment for new construction

•Termite certificates and termite damage protection plans

•Customized treatment plans

•Professional guidance and help for do-it-yourselfers

Scorpion:Scorpions usually live outside, but can move indoors in search of food. They use open spaces under doors and windows and can enter through foundation cracks. They also come in hidden spaces around homes and businesses. Their stings are painful and can require medical attention.

Termite Control in Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe, Sherwood, Arkansas

Is something bugging you about an unusual crack in your home or business’s paint or wood? Have you put off calling an expert?

Cabot, Arkansas, let’s face it – few things worry home and business owners more than discovering a termite infestation. Too late. These pests work behind the scenes (or walls, to be more precise) and reek incredible damage that costs lots of money to fix, often without insurance to cover it. Before you reach the point of despair, Bug Pro has a few pointers to keep termites from wrecking your home and/or business.

Look for cracks or unusual bubbling in paint

If you tap woodwork and it sounds hollow, termites could be the culprit

If you witness mud tubes on outdoor walls, beams or crawl spaces

Trust our 20-plus years of experience in Cabot, Arkansas to handle your termite problem. We are well aware of the 50-plus active termite species in the United States. We know the warning signs and effective treatments so you don’t have to!

Services we offer:

Termite control treatment

Clearance letter when they’re gone

Termite control cost description

WDI forms

Renewable termite control contracts

Termite damage assessment

Termite swarmer techniques

Clearance letters for real estate properties

Annual termite inspection clearance renewal and service contract

Wood destroying insects form for the customer to keep

Provide our expertise in handling termite control yourself

More than anything else, Bug Pro wants you to rest easy that our services take the worry and stress out of termite control. Our 75-mile radius covers a host of satisfied customers who turned to us and made those silent destroyers a thing of the past. Call or contact us today!

General Information

Termites: A silent killer, termites work as colonies while feeding on wood, dead leaves, soil and other matter. They destroy property, including homes, crops and the like. Signs of an infestation should not be ignored.

Ant Control in Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe, Sherwood, Arkansas

How easy is it for ants to enter your home or business? Well...

Ants look for ways to get in and are attracted to food crumbs (especially sweets) and can invade quickly into places like cabinets and counter tops

Ants can build nests in places you’ve probably never seen around the house and outdoors

Ants make sure to give those coming behind them clues to follow, mainly by releasing pheromones

Ants reproduce in a big way, with as many as half-a-million of them in one colony and they can live for years at a time

Bug Pro LLC has over 20 years of experience in fighting and beating ants in Cabot, Arkansas. We know how to track them down. We know how to give you a clean sweep of things. Make no mistake, a call to our highly trained technicians is a decision you won’t regret. Call or contact us today!

General Information

Ants: Busy little creatures, ants build colonies and multiply into the millions in some cases. They are made up of workers and queens. Ants can damage property and farm crops. An infestation can occur in a short period of time.

Roach Control in Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe, Sherwood, Arkansas

Ever looked up from the kitchen table and watched a cockroach crawling on a cabinet door and felt a lump in your throat? Fewer sights cause as much panic and fear in a home or business. For more than 20 years, Bug Pro LLC has been shooting down these flying pests in our 75-mile coverage area in Cabot, Arkansas.

Cockroaches are capable of unleashing health hazards and can make businesses like restaurants feel as though they've been invaded. Roaches carry diseases and they smell! The first sign shouldn't be ignored. Get in touch with our experienced team of technicians right away. Another reason to contact us is to keep a roach infestation from getting out of control.

If you're not sure where or how they got in, remember this - roaches are able to invade through things like vents, pipes and even on our bodies without us knowing it! Yuck. Double yuck. Call or contact us today!

General Information

Roaches: With six legs, cockroaches reproduce quickly and carry disease to their territories. Homes and businesses can experience an infestation. Experts say that seeing one cockroach means there are many more hiding.

Rodent Control in Cabot, Arkansas

Few things make people scream and jump more than a mouse or rat racing across the floor at home or in a business. How many of us can remember being forced to jump on a table to avoid them? Or, grabbing a broom to scare them away? And, there’s always the fear of more rodents hidden away. Sound familiar?

rodant control

It should. Bug Pro LLC has over 20 years of experience in rodent control. Our trained technicians keep Cabot, Arkansas from being overrun by rats and mice. Both can find ways of getting into your home or business through walls and other entries. They carry disease, contaminate food and can be very hard to find and remove.

We cover a 75-mile area and have widespread experience in getting rid of rodents. Fact is, we know that rodents can be harmful to your health, property and well-being. They can destroy things like walls and make life miserable for agricultural operations because they eat grains and different types of seeds. The bottom line is that rodents do nothing but cause problems!

Call or contact us today! Don’t let rodents gain the upper hand. Let Bug Pro take control of the situation!

General Information

Rodants: Rats and mice are well-known rodents, along with squirrels and other smaller animals. They cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses and carry diseases.

Bed Bug Control in Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe, Sherwood, Arkansas

If you’ve ever heard that old saying, “Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite!” you know it as just words. But, when these little pests attack under the covers, it’s a whole lot more. Think it may have happened to you? Why not call in our experienced team with over 18 years of serving Cabot, Arkansas?

Bed bugs are capable of reproducing in huge numbers and can leave you with little or no sleep, not to mention a nasty rash or other health issues. We will come to your home or business to size things up and put together a plan of action that is unique to your individual situation. Why wait?

If you think bed bugs have found their way in and you want them out, Bug Pro is here to make it happen. For almost two decades, we’ve unpacked bed bugs and kicked them out of our customers’ lives. Call or contact us today!

General Information

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs come by their name honestly, because these insects like the comforts of beds and places where people sleep. They target human blood and do most of their dirty work at night. Getting rid of them requires an aggressive removal plan

Covering a 75-mile radius in Cabot, Arkansas, Bug Pro has more than 18 years of experience in ridding homes and businesses of infestations and other pest issues. All our work is 100 percent guaranteed and carries warranty protection covering supplies and labor. On top of that, our knowledgeable technicians are state trained and certified, giving you confidence that our team stands ready to get things done! We understand what it takes to make bugs go away. And, we are here 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week when you need us.

Once you’ve taken that first step in contacting Bug Pro, leave the work to our team to make your creepy-crawly unwanted “guests” disappear. The list of home invaders we exterminate is long and includes: 











Web worm

There are other pesky bugs we take down for Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe, Sherwood, Arkansas so call or contact us TODAY!


Areas we cover

At Bug Pro L.L.C.  we can cover you even though you are not next door to us. We cover the Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Cabot, Ward, Austin, Beebe, Lonoke, Vilonia, Maumelle, Jacksonville and Searcy Arkansas areas. We aslo go in the outside areas of these area so you don't have to worry about any of pest control, termite control, exterminator or extermination needs. 


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