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Ants In Little Rock, Jacksonville, Cabot and Beebe Arkansas

Sugar ant found around Lonoke, Vilonia and North Little Rock. Pest control treatment is a sweet deal

Sugar Ants

There are over more than 1000 different kinds of ants in our location. The sugar ant is one of them and one of the most common ones that you deal with daily. They usually are looking for something sweet to snack on. Bug Pro LLC has the right sweets that you are looking for to get them out. Now that's a sweet deal that is hard to pass up.

Little Rock, Cabot and Jacksonville, Don't let these fire ants invade your homes and yards.

Fire Ants

Fire ants is an aggressive ant that will take control of your yards even your homes or building. They bite if you get into them or near them. Fire ants will protect there colony's with everything they have in them. These ants are usually a protein eater.  

Carpenter ants can be exterminated as well. Carpenter ants in Central Arkansas surrender to Bug Pro

Carpenter Ants pest control in Sherwood, Maumelle, Lonoke and Searcy

Carpenter ants are usually found in the woods or or where there are deteriorating wood. They like softer woods better. But not always. If they find wood that has water on it or a bad spot in the tree that's the best places to find them. Fire wood stacked up around your house is a great home for them. 


Ant Control in Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Ward, Beebe,  Searcy, Sherwood and Maumelle Arkansas

How easy is it for sugar ants to enter your home or business? Well...

Ants look for ways to get in and are attracted to food crumbs (especially sweets) and can invade quickly into places like cabinets and counter tops

Ants can build nests in places you’ve probably never seen around the house and outdoors

Ants make sure to give those coming behind them clues to follow, mainly by releasing pheromones

Ants reproduce in a big way, with as many as half-a-million of them in one colony and they can live for years at a time

Bug Pro LLC's pest control has over 20 years of experience in fighting and beating sugar ants and fire ants in Cabot, Arkansas. We know how to track them down. We know how to give you a clean sweep of things. Make no mistake, a call to our highly trained technicians is a decision you won’t regret. Call or contact us today!


General Information

Ants: Busy little creatures, ants build colonies and multiply into the millions in some cases. They are made up of workers and queens. Ants can damage property and farm crops. An infestation can occur in a short period of time.


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