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RODENT Control Treatments

House mouse can cause damage. Little Rock, Lonoke, Searcy and Jacksonville Arkansas, Bug Pro

House Mouse Treatments


 Few things make people scream and jump more than a mouse or rat racing across the floor at home or in a business. How many of us in Ward, Jacksonville and Searcy can remember being forced to jump on a table to avoid them ( mice exterminator, rat extermination) ? Or, grabbing a broom to scare them away? And, there’s always the fear of more rodents hidden away. Sound familiar? It should. Bug Pro LLC has over 20 years of experience in rodent control and pest control . Our trained technicians keep Cabot, Arkansas from being overrun by rats and mice. Both can find ways of getting into your home or business through walls and other entries. They carry disease, contaminate food and can be very hard to find and remove.

We cover a 75-mile area and have widespread experience in getting rid of rodents. Fact is, we know that rodents can be harmful to your health, property and well-being. They can destroy things like walls and make life miserable for agricultural operations because they eat grains and different types of seeds. The bottom line is that rodents do nothing but cause problems!

Call or contact us today! Don’t let rodents gain the upper hand. Let Bug Pro take control of the situation!

General Information

Rodents: Rats and mice are well-known rodents, along with squirrels and other smaller animals. They cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses.

Rats and mice treatment around the Little Rock, Maumelle, Vilonia and Searcy ares.

Roof Rats mice exterminator Sherwood North Little Rock

Roof rats are commonly found in your roof. But yes they do forge down into your homes and businesses. Central Arkansas, Ward, Cabot, Jacksonville, Beebe and Maumelle, let Bug Pro help you get your homes back. Our trained rat extermination and mice exterminators are ready for that battle. 

Mice and rats pest control is with Bug Pro in Ward, Sherwood, Lonoke & Cabot areas. Austin Arkansas

Norway Rats

Pest control. Norway rats are, for the most part, the rats that populate American cities like Little Rock, Lonoke, Jacksonville, Ward and Cabot Arkansas. If you have ever lived next door to an excavation or demolition site in a city, you probably know these little guys all too well. Here are eight facts about Norway rats that might help you to prevent or cope with an infestation. Bug Pro LLC rat extermination and mice exterminator can eliminate your house guest.


Field Rats

 If not removed from your property in a timely manner, field rats can wreak havoc on your garden, home and health. According to the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, rats eat and contaminate food, garden produce and fruit, and transmit diseases to humans and pets. Removing field rats from your property with the use of snap traps is a must if you want to ensure that your property and health stay in the best condition possible. 


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