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Wasps, Bees and other Stinging Insects


Red Wasps

These hard core flying insects, are mean and pack a mean punch when and if they sting you. The wasp in Central Arkansas will build there nests in your walls and on the outside of you homes and buildings. Here at Bug Pro we can control them so they don't take your places over. Bug Pro is around your home to in Jacksonville, Sherwood, Maumelle and Searcy Arkansas. So here at Bug Pro, we try not to leave out anyone in the Central Arkansas area.


Yellow Jackets

These nasty yellow jackets build there nest inside your home and in the ground as well on the outside of your homes and buildings. The yellow jackets are often confused with the honey bees. Bug Pro knows the different between the two. We can exterminate them for you.  

Also includes Honey Bees, yellow wasps and any king of stinging insects. Bug Pro LLC Termite and Pest Control has your back and front on treatments of the hard core pests.

 Providing thorough, professional expertise for all your termite and pest control needs