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Wasps in Cabot, Arkansas

Are you dodging wasps around the house or office? If so, Bug Pro LLC is ready to put our 18-plus years of experience to work in clearing the air and surfaces of these stinging menaces.

More than likely, youíve seen wasps flying from place to place. Some group themselves in colonies while others want to do their dirty work alone. No matter what the problem is, we will come in and take necessary steps to take the bling out of their sting!

The best way to know if you have a wasp infestation is to locate nests because thatís where the pests live. We do everything including using insecticides to kill them and other extermination methods, including removal of nests and individual wasps as needed. Our 75-mile coverage area means you can expect professional, trusted service in Cabot, Arkansas.

Our approach:

Itís important to know that wasps play a key role in pest control, especially on farms and in gardening. But, having them as aggressors is another story. We know the difference at Bug Pro. Call or contact us today!

General Information
Wasps: WASP Exterminator Cabot ARWasps are insects that feed off other insects. They are useful in agriculture for pest control, but that isn't true for homes and other businesses. Wasps can inflict painful and harmful stings on people, as well as quickly populate an area.

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I recently had a major termite invasion which our regular termite exterminators company was unable to bring under control. I turned to Bug Pro LLC . Within the promised time, the problem was completely resolved. I would highly recommend Bug Pro LLC. - Andrew Burk
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